Silver and enamel box. Marius Hammer (1847 – 1927)


Silver and enamel box. Marius Hammer (1847 – 1927).

This superbly enamelled box was made by the celebrated norwegian silversmith Marius Hammer. born in 1847, Hammer worked from Bergen and soon attained fame throughout the world for the quality of his enamelled items. His work is distinguishable by two marks, the conventional ‘M H’ and also that of an inverted hammer on an upper case ‘M’. This fine white enamelled box has an opalescent quality when tilted in the light and was possibly a snuff box, but was more likely to have been used on a ladies dressing table.

This exceptional enamelled box by Marius Hammer stands 1.5cm high, is 7cm wide and 4.5cm deep. (Measurements approximate). It shows wear appropriate to its age. (Some minor wear to the gilding) It has no damage and no restoration.