Mid – late Nineteenth Century Netsuke in the form of a Monkey


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Mid – late nineteenth century netsuke in the form of a Monkey.

This fine netsuke was produced in Japan towards the end of the nineteenth century. It depicts a monkey, dressed as a Farmer, holding a peach. The netsukes eyes are inlaid with horn adding to a face that is full of character and mischief, while the himotoshi is lined with stag antler, a sign of high quality. It is not often that it is possible to be confident of what manner of sagemono any given netsuke secured, but in this case it was meant to support a kiseruzutsu or other form of pipe case. This is evident from the rare inclusion of a dished underside to the netsuke, which would have been used for ash from the single draw pipe.

This delightful netsuke stands 3.5cm high, is 3.2cm at its widest point and is 3.2cm at its deepest. (Measurements approximate). It is a delightful study, full of character and in fine condition, bearing only wear appropriate to its age and substance. It has no damage and no restoration.