Late nineteenth century Limoges enamel silver box. c. 1890.


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A late nineteenth century Limoges enamel silver box.

This superb enamel and silver box was produced in Limoges, France towards the end of the nineteenth century. Limoges as a centre for enamelling dates back as far as the twelfth century and still produces some high quality work today. This box, with its scrolling white and gilt designs over a black ground is based on designs being used in the sixteenth century. The intense, intricate and beautiful designs covering the top, bottom and sides of the box which is mounted in a decorative silver edge with a cased hinge. The interior is gilded and the lid holds a mirror, suggesting its use as a rouge or powder pot for a dressing table.

This superb quality profusely decorated box is 5.5 cm in diameter and stands 3.25 cm high. (Measurements approximate). It is in fine condition, showing light wear appropriate to its age and substance. The silvering on the interior mirror has tiny sins of deterioration appropriate to its age and mentioned only in the interests of complete accuracy. This item has no restoration.