A Late Eighteenth Century Staffordshire Enamel Snuff box. c. 1770.


Late Eighteenth century Staffordshire Enamel Snuff box. c. 1770.

This charming enamel snuff box was produced in Staffordshire towards the end of the eighteenth century. The body of the box (i.e. the copper beneath the enamel) is of a fairly standard form, but the enamel decoration is somewhat unusual. The background colour is a delightful pale turquoise and the central cartouche to the top of the box shows a lady and gentleman in a rural setting. The frame of the cartouche is of classic Rococo form in raised gilding with further white dot and cross decoration.

Further cartouches appear on each side and to the base of the snuff box, each containing different and beautifully executed flowers, surrounded by the same Rococo frames and decoration as the lid. The interior of the box is plain white enamel.

This charming late eighteenth century snuff box is 5.5 cm wide, 4.5cm deep and stands 3 cm high. (Measurements approximate) It is in fine condition, having only the light wear appropriate to its age, function and substance. It has no damage and no restoration.