Late Edo Period Japanese Lacquer Natsume. c. 1850.


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A fine late Edo Period Japanese lacquer Natsume. c. 1850.

This beautiful lacquer box was produced in Japan towards the end of the Edo Period, in around 1850. A natsume is a small decorated box in lacquer or ceramic for holding powdered tea for use in the Tea Ceremony. It is named after the Chinese date, or jujube, which it resembles in shape. This stunning example is decorated with chrysanthemum flowers in red brown and gold, the palette associated with Negoro lacquer. The interior of the box is a fine soft gold lacquer and the base of the natsume is also decorated.

This rare and beautiful object stands 6.5 cm high and is 6.5 cm in diameter. (Measurements approximate). Considering the fragility of lacquer as a substance, it is in excellent condition and has clearly been a much prized object, showing wear appropriate to its age and the substance from which it has been made. It has no restoration.