Late Edo Period ivory netsuke showing Ashinaga and Tenaga


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Late Edo – Early Meiji Period ivory netsuke showing Ashinaga and Tenaga.

This exceptionally fine hand carved ivory netsuke was produced in Japan in around 1860. It depicts Ashinaga (long legs) and Tenaga (long arms) who work together as fishermen on the sea shore. Ashinaga carries Tenaga out into the sea with his long legs where Tenaga is able to scoop fish from the water with his long arms. This unusual depiction of the two shows Tenaga as a child. The netsuke is superbly carved and beautifully detailed and is signed to the underside of the basket that Ashinaga is carrying.

This superb mid nineteenth century netsuke stands 6.5cm high, is 2.8cm at its widest point and is 2cm at its deepest. (Measurements approximate). It is in excellent condition showing light wear appropriate to its age and function. It has no damage and no restoration.