Large Japanese stag antler group of two toads holding a lily pad.


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A large stag antler group showing two toads holding aloft a huge lily pad. c. 1870.

This stunning carving was produced in Japan towards the end of the nineteenth century. It is cleverly formed by the corona of the stag antler and is likely to be Asakusa School. The carving is from the Meiji Period (1868 – 1912) and may be an outsized netsuke, used as a receptacle for the waste in pipe smoking, equally it may have been produced as a master carving. The carving is signed though unattributed and the toads retain their inlaid horn eyes.

This superb large stag antler carving stands 6.5 cm high, is 8 cm at its widest point and 7 cm at its deepest. (Measurements approximate). It is in excellent condition, showing light wear appropriate to ita age and substance. It has no damage and no restoration.