Hand painted card case. Vernis Martin style. Samson of Paris. c. 1880.


Hand painted card case in the Vernis Martin style. Samson of Paris. c. 1880.

This card case is of exceptional quality and exceedingly rare. It was produced by Samson of Paris in the late nineteenth century and is in the style of those produced in the eighteenth. Samson was best known for making copies of eighteenth century porcelain to the highest standards of quality, but they also made a wider range of goods about which less is known. This card case is hand painted in oil paint on a wooden ground, then heavily varnished, similar in nature to Vernis Martin. The mounts are high grade “yellow metal” unmarked, but tested and guaranteed, and the push button to open the case is set with turquoise. The scenes portrayed depict eighteenth century figures in a neoclassical garden.

This superb and rare card case is marked as the work of Samson to the reverse. It is 8.7cm long and 5.5cm at its widest point. (Measurements approximate). It is in excellent condition, showing light wear appropriate to its age. It has no damage and no restoration.