Fine wooden netsuke showing a seated Oni


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Fine wooden netsuke showing a seated Oni.

This superb hand carved wooden netsuke was carved in Japan. It shows an Oni or Demon sitting cross legged. The carving shows great skill and artistry and is highly detailed, from the flowing curls of his hair through to the slightly gnarled three fingered hands that grip his leg. The netsuke is signed to the base, but I have been unable to trace the carver or fix a date at which the netsuke was made. What is clear however, is the outstanding quality of the piece which suggests that it was made for the Japanese rather than the Western market.

This superb quality hand carved wooden netsuke sits 4cm high, 3.5cm wide and 2.2cm deep. (Measurements approximate). It is in excellent condition, having a good colour and nice even patination. There are light signs of wear appropriate to its function, it has no damage and no restoration.