Fine nineteenth century otoshizutsu. c. 1870


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A fine nineteenth century otoshizutsu. c. 1870.

This beautiful carved stag antler otoshizutsu (lidless pipe case) was produced towards the end of the nineteenth century by the artist Sokoku. It depicts Shishi no Saka Otoshi, the story of a mother Shishi and her young. The mother cares for her young until a certain point when she throws them fronm the cave down the mountain. The scene is depicted showing the mother looking anxiouslt dwn the mountain to see if her young have survived and are therefore strong enough to endure life in the world outside. This stunning work of Art is in stag antler of a rich, warm colour and is variously inlaid in brass. It is signed by the Artist and has a fine patination. The pipe is not the original, dating from around 1920, but fits well and complements the case beautifully.

This rare and charming otoshizutsu is 20cm long and 3cm at its widest point. (Measurements approximate). It is in excellent condition showing wear appropriate to its age and sustance. It has no damage and no restoration.