Fine mid eighteenth century English Enamel etui. c. 1760.


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Fine mid eighteenth century English Enamel etui. c.1760.

This stunning enamel etui, or decorative container was produced in the mid part of the eighteenth century. It is of exceptional quality and complete with all its tools. The etui contains; scissors, bodkin, ear wax scoop, knife, pencil cover and needle sheath. The outer enamel is decorated with the classical tales of Zeus, Europa and the Bull and Danae and the shower of gold. The vignettes containing these illustrations are beautifully executed and surrounded by simple white raised enamel decoration interspersed with floral motifs. The fittings are of finely decorated gilt metal.

This superb example of a mid eighteenth century enamel etui stands 9.5cm high, is 3.8cm wide and 2cm deep. (Measurements approximate). It is in excellent condition, showing light wear appropriate to its age, substance and use. It has no damage and no restoration.