Fine and rare mid – late nineteenth century large wooden netsuke by Masamichi.



Fine and rare mid-late nineteenth century carved wooden netsuke showing a monkey eating a biwa fruit by Masamichi.

This exceptional hand carved large netsuke was made in Japan towards the end of the nineteenth century. It is of exceptional quality and shows a seated monkey eating a biwa fruit. The carving is highly detailed, from the intricacies of the joints in the monkey’s hands and feet, the expressive face and the delicate delineation of it’s fur. Its eyes are of inlaid horn and offer a glint of mischief to the face.

A natural himotoshi is formed by the bent legs, allowing the netsuke to sit firmly against the hip. The netsuke is signed by Masamichi (Yamada Ise) in the kakihan under the left thigh.

This charming and rare work by Masamichi stands 4.7 cm high, is 3.7 cm at its widest point and 4.5 cm from the tail to the front of the hands. (Measurements approximate). It is in excellent condition, showing only light wear appropriate to its age, substance and function. It has no damage and no restoration.