Eighteenth century Staffordshire enamel Patch box


Eighteenth century Staffordshire enamel Patch box.

This fascinating enamel Patch box was produced in Staffordshire in the mid – late eighteenth century. It contains its original steel mirror to the lid, necessary to see where the patches, usually of silk or felt were to be applied over facial blemishes and pock marks. Inside the box is inscribed “Mortel Autel” (Mortal Altar) a referance to the vanity of such actions and self worship, but being in French, the height of sophistication at this period. This charming box is profusley decorated, a shepherdess and musician to the top and flowers with gilt tracery round the outside and to the base.

This exquisite eighteenth century box stands 2.8cm high, is 5cm wide and 4cm deep. (Measurements approximate). It is in excellent condition, expected wear to the steel mirror, but only light wear to the enamel appropriate to age and function. It has no damage and no restoration.