Eighteenth century Enamel Patch box. King Charles Spaniel. c. 1765.


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Eighteenth century South Staffordshire Enamel Patch box. King Charles Spaniel. c. 1765.

This rare form of enamel patch box was produced in South Staffordshire, probably at Bilston towards the end of the eighteenth century. It depicts a King Charles Spaniel on a cushion. The lid, fitted with a mirror, provides the base of the box and is enamelled with a motto; ” My Friends Interests I prefer – To any Thing I do aver -” The box is in excellent codition for its age, the lid having very minor cracks in the enamel at the edges. Since this is in no way uncommon, it is mentioned only in the interests of complete accuracy.

This very rare enamel box is 4cm wide, 3cm deep and stands 3.4cm high. (Measurements approximate) It is in fine condition (See above) the enamel being complete and showing only wear appropriate to its age. It has no restoration.