Edo Period wooden netsuke Noh mask. Deme Joman


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Edo Period wooden netsuke showing a Noh Theatre mask. Deme Joman.

This stylish carved wooden netsuke in the form of a Noh Theatre mask was produced in Japan in the late part of the eighteenth or early part of the nineteenth century by the famous carver Deme Joman, part of a family dynasty of carvers. He was the younger brother of Deme Juman and son of Deme Eiman who died in 1705 and was the originator of mask netsuke. This fine, serene and beautiful mask is fully signed to the reverse and is typical of this artists work. Although Deme Joman’s works are widely faked and copied, we are pleased to guarantee authenticity.

This superb eighteenth century netsuke by Deme Joman is 4.5cm high, 2.5cm wide and 2cm deep. (Measurements approximate). It is in fine condition, a tiny blemish to one side, mentioned only for complete accuracy and wholely acceptable for its age. It has a good colour and excellent patination, Light wear appropriate to its age. It has no damage and no restoration.