Edo period persimmon netsuke. Karako dressed as a horse.


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Edo Period persimmon netsuke. Karako dressed as a horse.

This charming netsuke was produced in Japan towards the end of the eighteenth or beginning of the nineteenth century. It depicts a child (Karako) in a costume designed as a horse. Whether this is intended as part of a procession, ceremony, or just as a game is unclear, but the netsuke would have been difficult to carve as persimmon is known as a very hard, unyeilding wood and netsuke in this substance are rare. This example however, is beautifully detailed and finely carved, the child dressed flowing robes and having delicate curly hair.

This delightful carved Edo Period persimmon wood netsuke stands 5.5cm high, is 2.7cm at its widest point and is 2.5cm at its deepest. (Measurements approximate). It is in excellent condition and has a fine patination. It has no damage and no restoration.