Edo Period early nineteenth century wood netsuke by Koichi


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Edo Period early nineteenth century wooden netsuke by Koichi.

This charming little netsuke was carved in Japan in the early part of the nineteenth century and is of the Edo Period. It shows a monkey part way through grooming, who appears delighted to have found a flea! The monkeys coat is immaculately and beautifully carved and his eyes are double inlaid in horn. The face is highly expressive and reflects the work of a Master carver. The netsuke is signed by the artist Koichi to the underside of his back leg. It retains its original matt finish and colour.

This delightful little work of art stands 3 cm high, is 2.5 cm wide and 3 cm deep. (Measurements approximate). It is in fine condition, showing light wear appropriate to its age and substance. It has no damage and no restoration