Early Nineteenth Century Netsuke Showing a coiled Dragon by Ryusan.



Early Nineteenth Century netsuke showing a coiled Dragon by Ryusan.

This exceptional hand carved netsuke was produced in Japan in the early part of the Nineteenth century. It shows an exquisitely detailed coiled dragon, each of it’s scales finely delineated, it’s overall shape forming an ovoid ball. The intricate carving is pierced through at several points which would form a natural himotoshi, but great care was taken by the Artist to ensure that his preferred view of the netsuke was clear when in use and thus the final curl of the Dragon’s tail forms a himotoshi of more obvious and conventional form. This allows the face of the Dragon to be outward looking from the wearer’s obi from which the sagemono supported by the Netsuke would hang.

The dragon holds the Artist’s signature in it’s claw to the base of the netsuke in a feat of remarkably delicate and considered carving. The netsuke is signed Ryusan and it therefore attributed to the Tsu School.

This beautiful early nineteenth century hand carved wooden netsuke by Ryusan is 4cm long, 3cm deep and stands 2.5cm high. (Measurements approximate). It is in excellent condition, showing only light wear appropriate to its age, function and substance. It has no damage and no restoration.