Early Nineteenth Century Netsuke as a Tortoise and her young. c.1810.


Early Nineteenth Century Netsuke showing a Tortoise and her young. c. 1810.

This highly detailed and very beautiful netsuke was produced in Japan in the first part of the nineteenth century. It shows a mother tortoise, tucked back inside her shell while her young climb on top of her. The tortoise in Japan is a haven for immortals. It is the symbol of Kumpira, God of the seafaring people and represents longevity and support. This wonderful example comes from the Tsu School and is signed Minko with kakihan (a carved seal beneath the signature.)

This fine netsuke is 3.75cm long, 2.6cm wide and stands 2cm high. (Measurements approximate). It has an excellent colour and patination. It is in fine condition, showing only wear appropriate to its age and substance. It has no damage and no restoration.