Early Nineteenth Century Agate topped Vinaigrette. c.1800.


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Early nineteenth century agate topped vinaigrette. c. 1800.

This charming vinaigrette was made in the early part of the ninettenth century. It has a cut and polished agate top and base and is likely to have been made by a provincial maker, possibly Scottish. The silver bears no marks, but has been tested.The top stone was clearly chosen with care, showing as it does very fine and beautiful banding, where the base stone, less important is of a plainer colour of agate. The pierced interior grill is gilded as would be expected, with a simple diagonal cross motif.

This fine early vinaigrette is 2.5cm wide, 2.3cm deep and stands 1.5cm high. (Measurements approximate). It is in excellent condition, bearing only light wear appropriate to its age and substance. It has no damage and no restoration.